Cinque Terre, bellissimo!

I’m not sure if it is the allure of the Italian coastline, the collection of coloured buildings or the steep cliffs that draw me to Cinque Terre. This beautiful portion of the Italian Riveria encapsulates a worthy UNESCO World Heritage Site and its old world charm makes it a must- travel destination.

A huge contender on the list of my next international trip, I dream of overlooking the illustrious view overtop the cliffs. Credit to Paul Hogie who took this incredible photograph highlighting how beautiful Cinque Terre is.

Now you know where I’m eager to travel, where do you want to go?

Photograph by Paul Hogie

Photograph by Paul Hogie


Decisions, decisions, decisions.

At the ripe old age of 17, I sit here now writing my first blog post. I ask myself the same questions everyone lately is asking- What do I want to do? It seems so easy, doesn’t it? Just name a career path up, select the correct subjects to get into that field, study then get the job. Viola!

I wander through my thoughts, what do I like? How can I make that into a career? I enjoy travelling and writing. I have started this blog to explore to not only travelling in the general sense, but travelling or coasting through life and the obstacles we all face. So please, stay along with me and follow my journey.